Monday, February 23, 2009

Adware Cleaner

Adware cleaners can be used to cleanse your computer of adware and spyware that is often floating around unknown to the owner. There are two ways to successfully remove adware from your computer. The first way being manually which could take you awhile if your not sure what all is infected on your computer or where the adware originated from. For someone who is a fairly new computer user it could be almost impossible to remove something manually that you can not see in your program list. Also if you were able to find the program that's corrupted it may not allow you to uninstall it. In some instances all traces of the program are actually removed for this sole purpose, to prevent you from finding it and removing it. The second way is to use an adware cleaner. This is something that will definitely be needed if all traces where erased or removed. There would be no way to do it manually.

Some believe that if they have antivirus that they will not have to purchase an adware cleaner but that's not the case. If you download programs from the Internet including shareware or freeware more than likely your computer is infected with adware. The sad thing is that adware is often bundled with these types of programs and when you install them into your computer you are also installing the adware. You are basically opening yourself up to be victimized by companies who may want to gain access to personal information about it's users and can include their name, address and basically any information that is ever sent over the Internet. Thousands of people are unknowingly affected until their computer begins having issues. Most will tell you that they have no clue what adware is or what it can do to you and your computer if infected. Adware cleaners will help clean your computer and to prevent this from happening. You should keep the adware cleaner program installed, update it regularly and do weekly scans to make sure nothing has gotten by.

If you have tried to manually clean your computer with no success its usually easily done with the adware cleaners. You can purchase these at little or no cost depending where you get them from. There are many companies online that offer these types of programs but make sure to look for a reputable one. Read feedback from other clients before deciding on a specific one. Once you have found a place to order your program from you should immediately scan your computer and clean everything. Once the scan has completed its recommended that you restart your computer and then rescan it. This will help you to find out if any malicious files are reopening on the start up of your computer. If the files are not detected this time, they have been deleted. However, if they are detected again by your adware cleaner its time to rerun the program. Continue with the scan-restart-scan procedure until your completely free of adware.

Unless you absolutely need certain programs you should be advised against downloading freeware from web sites that you have no clue about. While adware is annoying and provides your personal information to companies it can still be managed. There are other types of malicious files and infections that can do far worse damage. Always scan downloads before opening and scan your computer weekly.